Virtual Private Servers and Cloud Hosting

Cloud Based Servers

Cloud Based Servers for running your website, email, file storage and other online services
Cloud based means you can access everything you need, anywhere

Virtual Private Server Means Control

You have full access to every programming running on the server, from the Linux Operating System to the scripts running your website.
A VPS is just like having the server sitting in your closet.
but it is more protected

Control Equals Security

Our VPS offerings have a multitude of network security helping to prevent attacks and hacking, but the real security is derived from having access to all configurations.
Everything running on the VPS can be configured to your needs, not what a random system admin thinks you may need which often creates security vulnerabilities.
Control is more than Security

Control Grants flexibility

Controlling the configurations of the server programs allows for additional integrations between the services.
Capturing event RSVPs via email or hosting dynamically named sub-domains is no problem when you control the mail server and web server.

Control Yields performance

A VPS has dedicated resources allocated to the server.
Unlike co-hosted environments, where the host allocates resources between sites as wish, a VPS guarantees you processing power which often yields more consistent performance.


Entrepreneur Enterprise
Processor 2.5 Ghz Burstable 2.5 Ghz
Dedicated Memory 1 GB 3.75 GB
Dedicated Storage1 10 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB/mon 500 GB/mon
Dedicated IP Addresses 1 address 1 address
Backups 2 concurrent 5 concurrent
Operating System Linux - Fedora Linux - Fedora
Web Server Apache 2.4 w/vhosts & ssl Apache 2.4 w/vhosts & ssl
Mail Server Postfix Postfix
IMAP Server Dovecot Dovecot
Spam Filtering Amavis-new w/ClamAV & Spamassassin Amavis-new w/ClamAV & Spamassassin
Scripting PHP 7 via PHP-FPM PHP 7 via PHP-FPM
Setup & Customization2 $450 $600
Hosting $48/mon $300/mon
  1. Storage can be easily increased or allocated into the sub-blocks less than the full amount. There is a minimum of 10 GB required to run the server.
  2. Setup and customization is optional, however the base VPS only comes with the operating system (linux) loaded. All other applications (web server, mysql, php, mail server, etc) will need to be installed as per your needs.

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