Privacy Policy

Some content on the AVAS Partners LLC website requires users provide personal information. AVAS Partners takes privacy issues very seriously. Personal information will never be distributed, unrestricted, to any outside party without the infromation provider(s) prior consent or a valid court order. Personal information includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Name, Employer, Phone number, street address, email address, website, and credit card information. The provider of the information is not necessarily the individual or entity which the information corresponds to. AVAS Partners, LLC reserves the right to provide personal information to our officers, associates, subsidiaries, agents and representatives without any restriction and to third-parties with restrictions on disemination that AVAS Partners, LLC, at its sole discretion, feels appropriate for the personal information being provided to the third-party.

Non-personal information is not distributed raw, though may be aggregated with other individual's or organization's responses to mask the identity of provider, prior to the distribution of the data. Other sanitation procedures may allow be applied to the information to mask the original provider. Non-personal information includes, but is not limited to, survey answers, information not covered under the personal information clause, comments and demographics.

Some content on the website describe situations where personal information may be shared. Users of the content assume all liability associated with the control of the dissemination of the personal information.