Billing Policies

Clients of AVAS Technology are charged based upon a fixed fee, a reaccurring subscription fee or based upon an hourly rate. Those clients billed at an hourly rate shall be billed in accordance to the following activities, as they relate the client's project scope and goals.

  • On-site time
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Software development and programming
  • Investigation into new solutions/software relavent to client
  • Meetings with clients, including employees of the client
  • Market research
  • Data Analysis
  • Completion of paperwork and documents on behalf of client
  • Creation of presentation/research/education materials
  • Training / educating client

AVAS Technology reserves the write to changes these policies at anytime and for any reason, and without prior notice to their clients as is applicable under law. AVAS Technology further reserves the right to NOT bill a client for activities that fall within these policies, and then bill the client for future activities which are similar/same to those activities not billed originally.