AVAS Technology strives to make life better for those working at small businesses and non-profits. We build software which impacts our clients' success everyday while allowing them to make the basic modifications needed as they mature.


Developing a new creation is more than just writing down a thought. Research is a significant component in creating a successful concept. Early in projects we spend most of our time researching the situation, the users and the technical aspects. This research crushes many concepts, but it strengths the best ones while often creating a dozen new concepts.


Transitioning a few stick figures, some boxes and a couple images into a working system is the core of our company. Our clients do not buy dreams, they buy working cloud systems, so once a creations is worked out, realizing it becomes of the utmost importance.


Proper education is essential to get the most value out of any powerful technology. Most of our work is very intuitive, however it is essential for everyone at our clients to fully understand how access the power they are provided. Everyone at the company who are involved in clients take an education first focus.