It takes a special kind of person to imagine a better way of life and help shift the paradigm of do-it-yourself technology to one of professional self-service. Our people enjoy breaking the mold and tackling challenges in new ways. This means we often look for characteristics and skills than particular qualifications.

We look for three characteristics is all our people.


With current technology, the options available are limited only by time and creativity. We look for people who believe time is the only limit in transferring our client's dreams into reality. 

Goal Driven

Our people work on achieving goals, not on following some predefined process. Processes are used to aid us in successfully reaching a goal, not to hinder our ability to be flexible.


Our people often work as independently from each other as they do in collaboration with each other. Working is a team member is important, but it is also essential that our people can take ownership of a project and run it to completion.


There are very few formal qualifications for any position at AVAS Technology, instead we look at how your strengths and experiences complement our current people.