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Installing mod_ftp on Apache2.4 on Linux

I just completed the lovely process of modifying the Apache FTP module so that it would work on httpd2.4. The current versions of mod_ftp on the repository are built for apache2.2. Between version 2.2 and 2.4 there were a few changes to the core API, which means the modules need to be updated to work with the new API. To update the current module, you need to make 3 general changes. Basically you will need to do the following: 1) First uninstall and delete your current version of mod_ftp. If you haven't yet installed mod_ftp, good, otherwise if you have, save your configuration file before you uninstall so that it won't need to be recreated. 2) Get a complete version of mod_ftp from the repository. I used the trunk (version 1.0.1) when doing my install. 3) Configure with apxs 4) Modify the source files for the new API by replacing all instances of 'remote_ip' with 'client_ip' and all instances of 'remote_addr' with 'client_addr'. 5) Add a new data structure to the ftp_data_connections.c file. Directly before the ftp_open_dataconn function add the following code. #if AP_MODULE_MAGIC_AT_LEAST(20111203,0) struct core_filter_ctx { apr_bucket_brigade *b; apr_bucket_brigade *tmpbb; }; #endif 6) make, make install and restart httpd   Later I'll go through and completely document the process like I have with the other stuff. I don't have the time currently but this problem thoroughly annoyed me.