About AVAS Technology

Our Firm

AVAS Technology is a Platform-as-a-Service firm which has developed a highly flexible and scalable platform for developing user-based portals in Small-to-Medium Business environments.
We implement this platform directly to some non-profit clients though work primarily with start-ups and digital marketing firms who wish to exploit the power of our platform for their business and/or their clients.

Our Mission

AVAS Technology strives to provide the best support and advice which is honest, innovative and always provides a positive impact to the clients productivity, marketing and profitability.

Our Beliefs

  • Software should only be limited by the imagination of the creator. We expect you to be an active member in the creation of your cloud system
  • Growing a business into a company is hard enough. Your technology should not be holding you back.
  • The best solution is the solution with the most positive impact on the firm.
AVAS Technology is a division of AVAS Partners, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company