AVAS Technology Approach

AVAS Technology is a solution driven firm that works on an a la carte model. First and foremost, we solve problems for our clients.

We see the creation of new cloud systems as a 3 stage process.


We work with you to identify your challenges, opportunities and then detail out how different technologies can be used to improve your situation. Before starting any project, it is important for every participant to fully understand and set the scope, goals and requirements. We work with you to detail all of the necessary functionality and general works of the new system before starting any of the software development.

For larger projects, Discovery is phase I of the overall project and the client gets a comprehensive report of what is needed. At this point, you will have a very clear understanding of the costs associated with a project and modifications can be made to the project to fit the necessary budgetary limitation.


We see software development centered around three things: a computer, a geek and lots of coffee. During the development stage, our programmers are building the software that was detailed during the discovery stage. This involves relatively little interaction with the client until and alpha version is fully functional and ready to be converted to a beta version.

Most of the interaction between you and AVAS Technology during development is centered on confirming the minutia of the project's details. This minutia often involves confirming system design characteristics such as whether it matches the desired visual appeal in addition to adding small features which drastically simplify complex operations.

Testing and Implementation

Testing and implementing a new cloud system is often a rolling cycle of testing, fixing bugs and implementing the new version. Our software is tested through three major versions during its lifetime.


The Alpha version is the rough, developers version of the software. It contains errors, bugs and somethings just do not work. Our clients only ever see the late Alpha versions of new systems, where we are demonstrating a particular functionality within a section of the system.


The Beta version is a reasonably refined version of the system. This is the first version that will see widespread usage within your company. We still consider this a developmental version of the system, so changes will occur which add necessary functionality, remove bugs or generally improve the user experience. For some situations, our clients decide to end the project with a Beta version. This occurs when the system is to be used internally to increase productivity where a higher learning curve is acceptable to the client.


Production versions have went through some rigorous testing and are ready for "prime-time." Production versions are the versions you release to your own customers. There may be a bug or two in the system but they are hard to find, since you nor us could previously find it.