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StoneHilt was built from the ground-up with cybersecurity in mind. Flexibility and Scalability were then added on top, allowing easy customization to meet your needs today and tomorrow.
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Web Applications for When Security Matters

We build web applications for situations where security matter.
If your data and the data of your customers, does not matter,
we are not the right company to help you.
But if security matters

A Web Application Means Visitor Interaction

In the simplest sense a Web App is a website that allows users to do things. It provides functionality and interaction, rather than just providing information.
Web Apps are the difference between a pretty digital brochure and something that drives your success.
How do we drive success?

Build upon the StoneHilt Platform

StoneHilt provides a strong basis for developing Web Apps

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Cloud Based

All of our software is cloud based; allowing you access to your tools and data from anywhere.


Extension based design allows for easy addition of features as new opportunities present themselves.

Responsive Design

Responsive web designs create great experience on laptops, tablets and smart phones.


Additional storage or processing power can be allocated as-needed, allowing it to scale as your needs increase.
At AVAS Technology we care about more than pretty design;
we care about doing things the right way.
This means beginning with a strong analysis of your needs and constraints then proposing the best possible solution,
including referring you to other firms, if we are not the right match.

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